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Welcome to Crew Manager, our J/109 Strider crew and event management site, replacing TeamSnap from last year.

What is different

  • TeamSnap is for soccer mom’s; Crew-Mgr is for sailing teams, written by Bill Kneller of the J/109 Vento Solare. Crew weight, USAF sailing ID’s, etc. are connected live from this site to world sailing website, etc.
  • Crew’s receive live calendar link for all events, no more cut/paste to outlook,  google, etc.  one by one. You can either choose all events, or just choose individual events to link. By “live” I mean changes on this site are reflected in your calendar. If I change the time of an event or delete it, the new change appears in your calendar automatically.
  • No software to download to your phone. INSTEAD, access via browser (type in the URL and then save to your home screen, which will cause your phone to save a hot link to the browser and Strider website and (almost) work like a teamsnap link.
  • You choose how to receive messages from me.
    • Choose SMS messaging and choose your carrier (Verizon, etc.) to also get text messages
    • Chose “No” for a racing or social event, you won’t receive my messages for that event. (So choose NO right now for all the events you cannot attend, to stop those messages)

Get Started now with these steps:

1) Set Your Password: Go to the J/109 Strider website

  1. On the menu far right, click on Log in
  2. The Login window opens – below the login box click on Lost your password?
  3. Enter your username shown as Display Name on the list below, or use your email address.  Type either in the User Name or Email address blank, then click Get New Password
  4. Check your email for a message with the title J/109 Strider Password Reset. It should arrive immediately – check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox.
  5. Inside the email is a link to click to reset your password
  6. This opens a window with a box to enter your new password that will already have random characters in it. Delete that and enter whatever password you want. While a strong password is encouraged, the password does not need to be at least 12 characters long. You may need to check an acknowledgement box to Confirm use of weak password
  7. Click Reset Password. The page displayed indicates Your password has been reset. Log in. Click on Log in.
  8. You now see the original Login window. Enter your username and password, then click Login. Note that both the username and password are case sensitive.

Once logged in, feel free to browse the items under the Crew menu.  If a Crew Member changes their availability for any event, the Skipper is automatically notified.

2) Edit Your Profile: Update your Profile and link your phone

In your profile you can input your weight, ISAF & US Sailing Numbers.

You can enable SMS text messages in addition to emails to meet the need for those who rely on text messaging as the primary communications source.  SMS text messages include messages from the J/109 Strider website for Event Reminders, Cancellation Notices, Results Posted, Comments and New or Updated Posts.

Here are the directions to change your profile.

  1. Log in to the J/109 Strider website
  2. Mouse over the Crew menu end click on Edit my Profile
  3. Scroll down to the section labeled Edit Profile Information where you will see a blank for the Mobile Phone – enter your number in the format 401-555-1212
  4. In the space below labeled Mobile Phone Carrier click the dropdown and select your carrier. If your mobile phone carrier is not listed, use this contact link to email the name of the carrier so it may be added to the list
  5. In the space labeled Receive SMS Text Messages in Addition to Email check the box if you want text messages in addition to email
  6. Change other fields now, or later (If you enter your ISAF and US Sailing numbers, you can be reminded when they expire)
  7. If you do not want to receive any message notifications (e.g. Posts & Comments) , uncheck the box labeled Include on All Posts Email List.  Crew members will always receive automatic reminders for events they are scheduled.
  8. Scroll down and click the Update Profile button
  9. When the screen refreshes, click on the boat name link in the upper left to return to the website

3) Set Availability for Events: To set your availability for J/109 Strider events do the following.

  1. Log in if not already
  2. Mouse over Crew on the menu and click Availability
  3. For each event listed click the Availability dropdown and select Yes, No or Maybe
  4. Click the blue Submit Changes button

If a Crew Member changes their availability for any event, the Skipper is automatically notified.

4) See Events

Click Calendar on the menu. Once the calendar list opens, click on Expand All located in the calendar menu. Scroll down and you can see all the details for those events. Feel free to browse around the site to become familiar with it.

The best way to enter crew availability (e.g. far better than using the calendar) is from the (crew) menu option choose (Availability) menu option, from here you can easily scroll up/down.

5) Link your Calendar to the website

From home screen, look for the upcoming events. Just below upcoming events, is an icon with a dot an two curvy lines.  Click the icon and follow the instructions to connect your Outlook/Apple/Google or other calendars to the J/109 Strider website (rather than copy events one by one)

6) Create a Shortcut on Your Phone: On your phone, create an icon so that in one step you can come to the Strider home page.

type in the URL

from your browser choose the option to save to your home screen.

7) Crew Documentation Available: A Crew tutorial is available that provides an explanation of the website and how to use the Crew Manager website features.  This has pictures and a bulleted list with explanations.

Click to View – Crew Member Directions for the Team Website


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